An Ensign to the Nations

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explains what General Conference is, how it works, how we can all learn from it individually, and more!

I still haven’t received my September copy of the Ensign… There are four mail delivery days left in September.




As we gain a vision of ourselves as the Savior sees us and as we act on that vision, our lives will be blessed in unexpected ways.
O. Vincent Haleck, Ensign, May 2012 (via truthrestored)

Who just ordered a subscription to the Ensign with the General Conference editions?

This Mormon. *points to self*

Failure to express yourself in language that is clean marks you as one whose vocabulary is extremely limited.
Gordon B. Hinckley [“I Am Clean”, Ensign, May 2007] (via lds) (via but-a-small-moment)

Food Storage

As Latter-day Saints, we are counseled to store extra nonperishable food in case of hard times. The recommendation of having food storage is not advice which I immediately followed. When I first joined the church, I lived in a dorm. Due to personal circumstances, every single thing I own was crammed into my side of a tiny dorm room. I had no extra space that I could see. Then, for many months I was getting by on barely enough money to have food for the present. I struggled each month to pay my rent. I couldn’t see where I could possibly come up with money to buy in bulk or to buy any extra food for the future. My goal was just to have my daily bread and even that was quite difficult. 

Then one day last week I was waiting for Ben at the Institute and the March Ensign was staring at me from the table in the foyer. I flipped through and read this article. It really put some things in perspective for me. I decided that I need to start building up some food storage. 

I went to the store the next day and picked up some basic starter foods (ramen noodles, pasta with a can of sauce, and a loaf of bread for the freezer). I spent maybe $5 total. It’s not a lot, but I could easily make that last two weeks if I really needed to. And this is just the beginning. I’m planning to add a bit of food (plus some basic personal hygiene products) with every paycheck. Right now I’ve got food in one corner of a 1.5’x1.5’x2’ box in my closet. The goal is to fill that box. It will take some time, but even having just a little bit makes me feel so much better about my situation. My finances still aren’t great even though I’m working now, but knowing that I would be okay if I couldn’t buy groceries for two weeks makes me feel so much more secure.

Looking back, I see how much of a difference it would have made in my life if I had built up food storage before I hit my financial hardships. I don’t ever want to be in that position again without some necessities saved up. 

Lesson learned: Even if you don’t think some piece of advice applies to you or your situation, it’s always good to follow the advice of the prophets. They receive revelation for everyone. You will be blessed for doing what they suggest. That’s definitely something that I’m going to keep in mind during General Conference this weekend.

There are places where it is easier to feel the Spirit. Testimony meetings and general conference are some of those places. Certainly temples are another. The challenge for each of us is in providing an environment where the Spirit can be felt daily in our homes and weekly at church.
Vicki F. Matsumori  (Helping Others Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit, Ensign Nov 2009)

On Gratitude

The First Presidency message published in this month’s Ensign is on gratitude. It contained a gratitude challenge and I highly recommend it. I did it first thing this morning and I feel great. It was a wonderful start to my day.

I offer an excerpt from mine (they are listed in no order): 

Write 10 things about the gospel you are grateful for.
the Atonement
Relief Society
temple ordinances for the deceased
temple marriage
modern revelation
personal revelation
the plan of salvation
missionary work
the gift of the Holy Ghost
personal agency 

I truly believe that choosing to look at your blessings rather than the things you don’t have (I speak from experience and I’ve gone through some really tough times this year.) can make a huge difference in your life. It’s all about perspective.

If we listen with love, we won’t need to wonder what to say. It will be given to us—by the Spirit and by our friends.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Ensign, May 2001