The Church = Community

and it means so, so very much to me. 

I’ve been completely out of commission with sickness all week. I suddenly got very ill last Friday night. I went to the health center twice in the next three days and I may or may not have mono and I may or may not have or have had a severe stomach virus.

Ben has obviously been here and he’s been a better help than I could have asked, constantly helping me and making sure I’m okay and have everything I need. He and his roommate came over to make sure I was okay at like one in the morning on Saturday and his roommate got me a thermometer. During this week multiple people from church have asked after me, including some unexpected ones. My home teacher has checked in and he made sure that I’d get ahold of him if I need something (I’ve seriously got an amazing home teacher). The senior missionaries sent me homemade chicken soup with crackers and oranges which was the most delicious and touching thing I’ve ever eaten (pretty sure I want to be Sister Mallet when I grow up). And my visiting teacher just asked if she could stop by soon to keep me company. 

These people all mean so much to me. Really, I’m so touched by all of this. I love them and I love the church. I’m so grateful to have them in my life. :’)